Long-Term Cocaine Use Symptoms – Recognizing an Addict

People who are regular users of cocaine, often build up a tolerance level for the drug. The tolerance level increases with their drive of addiction and consumption of more and more cocaine.

Noticeable and visible effects can be seen in a cocaine user as the brain chemistry and behaviour of the body changes in a drastic way. Along with all the old symptoms of a first-time cocaine user, new symptoms also develop and are unique.

The long-term symptoms of a cocaine user are described below.

  • A person with long-term cocaine use will get disconnected from the real world and in extreme cases can develop full-blown psychosis. Hallucinations, irritation, anger are common issues with long-term use.
  • A long-term user will face unpredictable mood swings. At times this may become extreme to such an extent that the people around the user will have no idea what is going on.
  • Often people with long-term usage of cocaine feel low sex drive; even their sex drive can stop altogether. Cocaine rehab is the right place to treat a long-term cocaine habit.
  • Prolonged usage of cocaine drug can lead to damage of blood vessels and cause nosebleeds. It may often cause rapid pulse rate and high blood pressure causing chest pain.
  • The most important thing for an addict is to take his dose. Therefore, addicts will often sell off their personal possessions to meet their personal addiction needs.
  • A cocaine user may never seek help from others as they feel it will create an embarrassment.

If you notice any of the above symptoms and it persists, then it could be a serious cause for concern.

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