What Does Your Sleeping Position Mean?

Some people want to get an insight of a personality of an individual and one way to do it is to look and watch closely the sleeping position of that person. Psychologists suggest that the sleeping patterns and sleeping positions of a person reveals more about their personalities. There are actually different sleeping position that every human being portrays and each of them reveals unique characteristics. So what does your sleep position mean?



The fetal position is the one that mimics a how the fetus is positioned inside the mother’s womb. Your chest and your knees are tucked together. Those people who sleep in this position are being described as having a hard shell. They may seem to appear strong in the outside but has a soft spot in the inside. Another sleeping position is the log, the person sleeping on this position tends to straighten the body while sleeping. They don’t lie on either side but just lies down with arms and legs straightened. People who sleep like this are known to be friendly, carefree, popular and very gullible. The yearner position is a where a person sleeps on his side while the arms are stretched in front of the person, these type of people are known to be complicated yet they are open-minded, cynical, slow and suspicious in making decisions. The soldier is more or less the same with the log, but people who sleep like this display stiffness. People who sleep like these have a personality of being quiet, reserved and have high standards towards themselves. The Freefaller, this position is where a person lies on his stomach while embracing a pillow with the head turned to the side. These type of sleeper are bold and sociable on the outside yet has a hard time dealing with criticism and crisis. So these are what does your sleeping position mean.

As a lot of people would say, we are at our best when we are asleep so the sleeping positions are true as what psychologists suggest.

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